Black Dust

Leslie Ealing founded Climax Welding after gaining over 11 years of welding and fabricating experience. Les has had the opportunity to work for some world renowned companies like Daigle Welding and Marine, Wolf Manufacturing and also North Island Custom Fabrication. His goal is to offer you a personalized experience providing you with unlimited opportunities to procure a unique and high quality product that is custom designed to suit your needs.

"They give you what they have, I make you what you want!"

- Les

In 2009, Jennifer Lestage joined the team as an administrative helper and website developer. She soon assumed a multitude of roles within the business including shop assistance, installations, website development, marketing coordination and public relations. She is now simply known as the 'Second in Command'.

"Behind every good businessman, there's a harder-working woman!"

- Jenn


The Team